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We started KISS Pop Up Weddings as a team (my sister and I) in 2015 when we found out about this ridiculously good idea of providing the whole ceremony for couples in an easy, low budget way.


Pop-Up Weddings make the wedding planning process stress-free and allow couples to relax in the build up to and on their big day knowing someone is handling all the details for them, and it won't cost a fortune. Some couples are scared off by the idea or cost of hiring a wedding planner, this way you get the best of both worlds. 

But then Pop-Up Weddings just didn't create enough of a challenge for me (and were too restrictive to other couples who wanted to choose their date and location) so we created Private Ceremonies to offer this amazingly simple & stylish option to many more couples.

Cass had come into the business with the idea of the easy-to-organise Pop-Up Weddings she could be involved in around her day job.  She has now moved on to a more challenging job that she loves but doesn't have the time to dedicate to weddings so I now get to do more of the fun stuff I love !

As you will see from the many amazing reviews received to date, our aim is for you to enjoy planning your wedding as well as having the Best Day Ever on your wedding day. 

It is your day, I am just here to co-ordinate the suppliers and do the work behind the scenes to help you create the beautiful day you have envisioned. I love that quite a few brides come to me with a vague or no idea of what they want for their day but after one meeting tell me they walked away feeling like their wedding planning was well into being sorted.

Please see the gallery for ideas and options - if we don't have what you are looking for I can make it or hire it and please have a read through our testimonials from our very happy couples to date to give you the confidence needed to trust your big day to me.

Get in touch if you'd just like to find out what your options are, to discuss your current plans and how we can build on those or how we can tailor one of our existing packages to suit your requirements.

Our photographers are more than happy to provide extra hours of photography and I can help you with extra bouquets or other suppliers.  The fun is in the planning (well I think so anyway!)


I look forward to hearing from you and helping you create and enjoy the best day of your life. 

Kind regards, Jodii

Hi, I'm Jodii, the face behind KISS Pop-Up Weddings.

Our Regular Suppliers

When you decide on a KISS Pop-Up Wedding you can rest assured that your wedding will be handled by a team of experienced wedding professionals who love what they do. We work with a trusted team of local wedding suppliers who treat every guest at your wedding as important - it's not just about the couple getting married, its about your family and friends enjoying themselves as well.  

Below are our regular team and other suppliers we recommend as providing the best service in their field.


Bill Clements-Shepherd

Sue Moloney

Alexis Woolhead


Envy Photography

Evoke Professional Photography

Robert Fiorenza Photography


Florist Gump

Australind Florist



Snippets of Colour



Allure Beauty

Design and Stationery

Artwork by annie_maie



Dunsborough Limousines

Cape Chauffeurs

Down South Luxury Limousines

Chevrolet Limousines

KISS Weddings | SW Western Australia

KISS Pop-Up Weddings - Bunbury WA

Phone: 0408 110 370

Email: kiss.weddings@outlook.com.au

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